Thing 3

I tried Technorati and Bloglines and I used the search term “knitting on a budget”.

Techorati gave me 319 hits; Bloglines gave me 3,490.

Technorati gave me blog posts about budgets or knitting, but nothing really that I was looking for on the 1st 2 pages.

Bloglines gave me 2 relevant hits on the 2nd page.

When I did an advanced search for the exact phrase “knitting on a budget”, Technorati gave me 1 hit that was not at all what I was looking for (it kind of made me think that the site author had thrown that phrase in just to get more hits).  When I performed the same search on Bloglines, it gave me 6 really good hits.

I liked that Technorati made most of their features available to non-subscribers.  I also liked that they had a directory.  To tell the truth, I am afraid to get a Technorati account because I would never walk away from my computer.  Well, on second thought…

While I didn’t want to subscribe to Bloglines, which would have been necessary to explore all of their functions, I did look at their job opening.  One of the responsibilities of the job was “Addressing scaling issues arising from storing large amounts of data and serving a lot of web pages”.  Hmmm.  Sounds like a job for a librarian.  Of course, there are the requirements for knowing lots of programming languages, but conceptually, it sounds like something any one of us would be capable of doing.


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