Thing 4

Well, I already use My Yahoo! as a blog reader/feeder, but I went ahead and set up a bloglines account anyway.  I think the comparison of Netflix to the video store was apt.

I loved how the guy compared Netflix to the video store.  I also liked the google blog search.  I used knitting as my search term and found some really cute blogs that I wasn’t familiar with.  I even entered a contest for a cute knitting bird pendant.  I also found a cool blog entry where these two women had programmed a knitting machine to translate their voice wavelengths into a scarf.

I personally will probably not use RSS feeds in my work (unless it was to follow legislation of some sort), but I could suggest their use to patrons.  And librarians who do programs or book reviews or ebranches will find them a handy tool for communicating with patrons and colleagues.  I do love them in my personal life and spend way too much time reading my subscriptions.    {I’m noticing a theme here in my blog posts – I think I just spend way too much time reading! Nah…}


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