Thing 10

Tagging and Delicious

Well, I’ve been tagging as I’ve been going along, so I don’t have any real reason to do this retroactively.

And as far as Delicious goes, I’ve been contemplating this for some time, so I’m glad to have had the impetus to do it.   It was fairly easy to set up and entry also seems fairly easy.  This could definitely be used for research assistance.   If sites were chosen judiciously, it could be very helpful in allowing individuals to access good information very quickly.

I like how the Beaufort County Library has done a literary word cloud with their tags.  I would have never put Anthony Trollope and Nick Hornby close together, but I like both of them.  Leo Tolstoy, David Sedaris, and Anne Tyler all together, though?  Not sure I’m buying that, but I still like the idea.  Oh, and Jane Austen was my search term.

I also checked out the University College Dublin Library’s subject portals, which allegedly have Delicious bookmarks (at least according to the Delicious Libraries link recommended by NEFLIN).  I did not see any bookmarks in the Irish Folklore portal, which is disappointing.  I could see where they had a link to Delicious, for a user to bookmark it for themselves, but otherwise, it didn’t seem that earthshaking.

And I’ve just discovered that I have over 1300 bookmarks.   Perhaps I will cull them in my spare time.


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