Thing 11

Well, I looked at the Mixx home page and did the tour.  It seemed fairly simple to use.  And a friend had told me about Digg, so I had a passing familiarity with it.  I looked in the Lifestyles section.  There was not anything particularly interesting in the first two pages; however, they do have a really good FAQ, and I am impressed by the fact that they have meetups.  I had never heard of Newsvine before.  It seems to do what it purports to do, and I love the one page tour.   Reddit seemed to have some interesting offbeat stuff.   And it had a pictures tab and a funny tab.  But the FAQ used an obscenely small font.  What’s that about?

Am I likely to use any of these sites/tools personally?  Nope.   There are not enough hours in the day to do what I want to do and there are not enough years in my life to read everything I want to read already.   I get enough news on the front page of Yahoo!, and if the world really starts to implode, I will probably overhear someone talking about it and then I can investigate it further if I so desire.  Furthermore, I’m not really sure why I would use them in my library.  The popularity of news items is fleeting and I would be more likely to use an actual newspaper or an actual newsite to retrieve that type of information for a patron.

These seem like a huge timewaster.  I read one of the stories on one of the sites.  Frankly, I think people should go outdoors and meet other people and make their own news.


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