Thing 12

First of all, the Common Craft videos are great.

When I visited the Princeton Book Lovers wiki, it notified me that they needed to update their wiki platform.  Which is what can happen if you don’t own the platform your information is on.  It change or go away in a nanosecond.  The wiki hosts are being very nice in giving them a bit of a warning.  Also, it doesn’t have a great deal of content, and the content that is there is unexceptional.

The information on the Albany staff wiki in the Adult Services area is pretty thin, but the documentation on statistics is pretty thorough, as is, apparently, the Circulation procedures.  However, it appeared that this wiki had not been updated since 2007.  So, while they were pretty forward thinking, it is one thing to decide to implement a new tech toy and another to maintain a commitment to its use.

Well, I’m not sure if I edited or commented on the front page of the NEFLIN 23 Things wiki, but I would not use that particular blog for any source of information.  It was messy and difficult to read.


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