Thing 13

I joined Library Thing as texasbookgirl, because someone had already taken labibliotecaria.  Grrrr.

Here is the link:

I thought it was interesting that more people owned Anthony Trollope’s The Warden than owned the Twilight Saga.  I don’t know if my books were popular or not; just because people own them doesn’t mean they like them.  And Library Thing is kind of limited in its scope – it is not necessarily accessible or interesting to many different types of people who might be readers.

I’m not inclined to put my real name on there for 2 reasons: 1) I’m not inclined to share with the whole world what is on my library shelves because I don’t want to be judged by that.  As an adult Twilighter, I have enough angst.   2)  I don’t want my friends asking to borrow my books.  And I could use Library Thing to organize my home library, but it is fairly small and I basically know where everything is.  My husband’s library, which consists largely of antiquarian theological treatises, is not particularly amenable to this tool, either.

As far as using it for a public library, I guess you could use it to promote certain collections.

Normally, we share booklists with patrons via a plexiglass rack on the library wall.  It is possible that they are distributed at relevant programs as well.

On another note, I have a visiting cat.  I want them to be friends, and so far they haven’t attacked one another, but there has been a good deal of hissing and yowling.  Good times.


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