Thing 14

I love MyYahoo!  I look at it every 2 or 3 days because that is where I read all of my favorite blogs.

I chose MyYahoo! because I have so much stuff that I love on it already.  No need to reinvent that wheel.

I also use the Yahoo! calendar in my personal life.  It is great for helping me to remember people on their birthdays.  I look at my email every day.  I may not look at the calendar (on which my dear mother lovingly wrote all of important dates for my large extended family) in the other room for months.

I did look at 30 boxes, though, and I like that sharing thing.  Although initially labor-intensive, it would only have to be updated when big life events occurred.  Of course, then you would never have an excuse for forgetting something.  Hmmm.

As far as the to-do lists go, my life is not so complicated that I need more than a sheet of paper at a time.  And it is much easier to jot something down and scratch through it when I’m done than it is to go online, type in my to-do list, print it out, do my things, go back online, and indicate that they are completed.  I would spend more time with the list than I would getting things done.

I don’t see myself using backpack, as it isn’t free after 30 days.

To be honest, I really didn’t try any of the other stuff.  I have good tools that work for me and I think I am fairly productive when I choose to be.

But there is more to life than getting things done.  There is tromping through the leaves and playing with your kitty cat and reading Jane Austen and knitting and daydreaming about cute vampires.  Besides, I think the tool that would make me most productive would be a good maid.


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