Thing 18

I did facebook (because I already had an account there), but the profile is really invasive.  So I gave them Bella Swan Cullen’s information.  (because apparently Pemberley is not a real place, and Forks, Washington is).

I also felt really weird asking one of my real friends to befriend Neflin’s 23 things – now I have to email her and explain why I sent her such a strange invitation.

I joined Twilighters Anonymous of Gainesville because I’m a Twilighter .  I also wrote on the wall for that group.

Most of the other things have had some value.  For me, the value of facebook is negated due to the pernicious requirement of the divulgence of personal information.

Facebook may be fast growing, but it is probably due to the requirement of ratting out your friends for their emails and sharing your personal networks with them.

Facebook might be a good way for libraries to advertise young adult programs, but it seems a bit time consuming.  I could also see it being useful to fund library computers (via a large donation).

Edit on 4/11/09 – Well, I went back and looked at my profile.  I couldn’t tell a difference.  (Oh, and last week, I did send the requisite invitation to NEFLIN to friend me, but I guess they don’t friend you back  <and yes, I know that “friend” isn’t a verb, but I’d kind of like it to be>).  Also, I noticed this week (although I didn’t have time to read it) a c over article on New York magazine entitled “Do You Own Facebook?  Or Does Facebook Own You?” It is quite interesting and probably worth your time.


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