Thing 22

Well, since my first post, I’ve discovered how much more I like wordpress than blogger.  I don’t know that I’ve come very far.  I learned a few new things, but nothing that will really alter my life (although I may play around with some flickr applications).  Well, I have learned that I really dislike Facebook and its pernicious business practices.  And I will probably go back and look at some of the other smaller social network sites.  And I might set up a personal wiki (and recommend an idea for one to a colleague).

I do resolve to maintain my blog, but with fun stuff, like craft projects and great quotes.

As far as asking myself “What did I learn today?”, that is the whole reason I became a librarian:  to learn something new every day.

And our department has qausi-adopted the 23 things ethos for cross training.  I think our first thing will be 23 things about genealogy.

As far as keeping up with web 2.0 tools and learning new things, I subscribe to LISnews and Unshelved.  I also read professional literature.  That pretty much promotes the big stuff.

Now, for the survey, and then I’m done.  Yay!


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