Ranting about freecycle

I have to tell you – I used to rave about freecycle.  I loved it!  What a great concept.  But right now, I am so irritated at the petty, small-minded jerks who moderate the freecyclegainesville group.    Actually, they just put me on moderation.  My crime?

Posting the following:

The reason many members use pending, promised, spoken for or PPU is to kindly notify other group members that the item is no longer up for grabs and to avoid either ignoring all further requests or answering them.  It actually serves a good purpose.

Good reasonable rules do not require much policing.

My punishment:

[my name deleted]
it is usually the specific duty for the moderators to post admin notices, {rules/etiquete file}. Please refrain and use the moderators for this. furthermore if you have any ideas share them with us. To answer your post, Freecycle does not allow PPU, etc [read rules, terms of service]. Therefore your post goes against direct contradiction to the rules and your not even a moderator/owner! Please take this time to review Yahoo terms of service, Freecycle terms of service, international and local freecycle gainesville network group rules/etiquete and let us know if you can adhere to them. you will be placed on moderation until we have your confirmation. thanks.

This moron can’t spell or use proper grammar.  And she has the nerve to write to me like I’m her toddler.  What a presumptuous, arrogant twit!


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