Book review: Lace one-skein wonders

Judith Durant has written an awesome book for the intermediate knitter who wants to learn lace or bust some stash.

The projects start simply, with lace embellishments to simple hats, and increase in difficulty to include yummy lacy fingerless gloves.  I must confess a strong partiality to both the Trellis Mitts and the Travel-worthy Mitts.  Also, the I Heart You  Dress almost makes me want to have a kid.  Almost.  As for the scarves & the cowls, there’s not a bad one in the bunch.  None of them looks terribly difficult, but you won’t die of boredom, either.

The variety of projects means that you will have an appropriate gift for yourself or for anyone who has the exceptionally good taste to like handknits.

Projects include both written and charted instructions, which is particularly nice for those of us who are chart-phobic.  There are also projects that use thicker yarn, so you can practice lace-knitting skills while simultaneously making visible progress on your project.

I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on a real copy of this book.  Highly recommended.


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