Before I Turn Fifty

I turned 49 today.  Not a bad day at all, and I’m totally not bothered by my age.  I’m alive.  I’m in good health.  I have a job that I was born to do, a great husband, a wonderful family, dear friends far and near, a slightly messy house, and 3 perfect cats.  When people talk about living the dream, I kind of am.  And I’m so thankful to God.

But next year is kind of a milestone, and I want to mark it with a series of accomplishments and the establishment of good habits that I have been negligent about in the past.  Some will be small, and many of them not particularly noteworthy, but they will be mine.  So friends, family, loved ones, random people who might read my blog, I’m making myself accountable to you.  I appreciate any encouragement you can give and will be receptive to any (metaphorical!) kicks in the butt I might need.

I’ve got a plan for how I will track these things, but I haven’t got it set up yet.  When I do, I’ll let you know.

Oh, and I’ll post the list tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


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