Books I want to own – Starter vegetable gardens: 24 no-fail plans for small organic gardens

by Barbara Pleasant, co-author of The complete compost gardening guide (yes, another book  I want).

I love this book!

It has shopping lists for every year.  It has labeled (as opposed to keyed) diagrams.  It has plans for long hot summers and short cool summers.  Living in Florida, I might need the former more than I need the latter.  Although I hear that that broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts grow very well here in the winter.  It tells you when to plant stuff, and how to use vegetables as ornamentals.  Well-indexed, too.  I may have to dig some green stuff out of my wallet for this one.


Books I need to return to the library – Grow Great Grub

Grow great grub: organic food from small spaces – Gayla Trail


I really like this book – lots of detail about various plants and how much each one produces and the ideal growing environment.

Also, lots of cute ideas for crafts and planting herbs in cans, plus recipes.

Dang!  I like this book.  I may end up putting this in my books I want to own list.

Maybe I’ll return it later.