Books I need to return to the library – The compassionate carnivore

Whatever. Okay. I get it. Factory-farmed meat is bad for the environment and for our health. It is also unkind to animals and bad for small farmers.  Hey! – that is something I can buy into – I like the idea of saving small farm.  But don’t the small farmers sell beef and milk and chickens to the big conglomerates? And if I boycott the conglomerates, will the small farmers go out of business even faster, leaving us with no choice but to eat frankenmeat? Because even if it hasn’t technically been genetically modified, there is every indication that the diet of these animals is not the one that was intended by their Creator.    


   There are several pages that are dedicated to the work of Temple Grandin.  And if you read pages 150-156, it will give you pause.  Okay.  I’m not giving    up meat.  But I am going to be way more conscious of where it comes from.  We all die, and if an animal dies so that I can eat, that’s okay, but I would        really prefer that it wasn’t tortured in the process.  

   I may have to wait a couple of weeks to return this one.  Not a fun read, but a necessary one, perhaps. 

The author is Catherine Friend, by the way.